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Our Story

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GAME CHANGER iNC. was founded in 2017 by Lorenzo DeCicco.

"After spending 21 years in Corporate arena as a senior Executive for one of Canada's largest telecommunications organizations - with multi-billion dollar leadership experience ranging from Enterprise business, small & mid market, consumer, retail, marketing, NFP & start up, financial, operations, public & private sector, sales mastery, coaching, and literally everything in between... It was time for change. 


I noticed a very consistent trend across Canada, regardless of the industry, marketplace or business segment - CEO's and Business owners were looking for ways to improve customer experience, increase revenue and ultimately inspire their teams to become more relevant and indispensable to their customers. 


These are the very things that I have spent a career developing and are the cornerstones of the Game Changer methodology. 


There is no theory to our program, everything within the Game Changer framework has been tested and proven to drive results. We love the business of business and we love what we do.

Welcome to GAME CHANGER." 

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